• Paul
    Paul - A Georgia transplant to the River City, Paul taught Spanish for two years before pursuing his passion for sweet things in the form of an ice pop business. His beard is legendary and is often used in matters of international diplomacy.

    Fave Pop Banana Puddin

  • Josh
    Josh - Josh has big plans to move to the Big Apple but put those plans on hold in order to flesh out another epic season in Richmond. Josh started working with King of Pops at the beginning of the 2013 season and quickly became an all-star in making and selling pops. He graduated form VCU with a BFA in theater performance which comes in handy when interacting with customers. During one interaction a customer suggested a title for him, and he is ready and willing to accept this title. From hence forth he shall be known as The Fresh Prince of Pops.

    Fave Pop Key Lime Pie